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Flooding at bottom of ramp off Edison Bell Way

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There was an issue with flooding this morning at the bottom of the ramp off Edison Bell Way, which goes under the railway bridge an on to Percy Green Place.
You could just get through on a bicycle, but pedestrians had to turn back and walk the long way round via Ermine Street and Stukeley Road which isn’t ideal.
Are there any plans to provide drainage as it’s likely this will continue to flood throughout the winter.


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I have heard that the recent flooding in Huntingdon, such as that at Hinchingbrooke Park is due to the opening of sluice gates further upstream. Is this the case? If so then is it possible to have advance warning of the opening of the sluice gates and information on what affect this will have on water levels locally?

Local services fix flooding problem in Little Paxton

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Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council have replaced 20 metres of broken pipe believed to be responsible for the flooding of Little Paxton High Street after heavy downpours.

The issue of flooding was raised by a local resident on the St Neots ShapeYourPlace website with an excellent picture showing the scale of the problem. Read the original blog here.

ShapeYourPlace contacted local organisations to see if they could resolve the issue.

We’d like to hear from local residents to see if this work has resolved the problem.

You can raise issues about all sorts of things in your area. ShapeYourPlace will work with local public services to get you an answer.

Alerts for flooding on busway cycle track

Hello there

Over the summer, there was two or three times when the cycle track was closed on the busway due to flooding. This meant I had to ride through the villages adding 20 minutes to my journey to Cambridge.

Rather than riding to the cycle track and finding it closed, is there a way that the council can alert people? SMS? An app?

This would save time. It would also stop those cyclists ignoring the closed signs and cycling knee deep through the flood. No doubt they were late and couldn’t afford the time to go to work via the road route.

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